Really cute keychains/cellphone straps with Totoro and Studio Ghibli characters

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Favorite characters created by Hayao Miyazaki now as keychains or cell phone straps. Available at

These are new set of Studio Ghibli character necklace that will be taking over the old one. Found at

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I love this necklace style. But I can’t decide if I want to space the pendants with silver beads or not. I like how they look when the pendants are bunched up but then you can’t really see the Song of Storms or whatever music I put together. I’ll have to see when I order some beads.

What do you fellas think? Leave your comments and suggestions here and I will greatly appreciate it.

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I can’t seem to help myself from making these jewelry based on the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. I’m not sure if I do want to continue making these as it is abit time more time consuming. I sorta like the the other style better:

I would like to read opinions of what other people think. So leave a comment or suggestion and I will be very greatful.

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Triforce, Shiek’s harp, and Ocarina from The Legend of Zelda and Majora’s Mask. A simple necklace for people who love minimalist jewelry and geeky enough for video game fans.

By the way, I did change the name of my store to TootsieCool, originally called Cute and Cool Designs.

cumbersome-quail asked: “Hello there! You were paired up with Alyssa in Artist's Alley, correct? I just loved your booth! (I was her friend dressed as Arrietty/Ruby)”

oh yeah hey! I thought your name was really Ruby haha sorry. I don’t think I introduced myself properly. My name is Shelly ^^

I had a wonderful time having an artist booth at the Fanime. It was my first time having a sale there and so is a great friend’s who I was sharing a table with. I had fun cosplaying as one of the Domo kun sisters (That’s me on the far left), our artist booth was only a few meters away from Yuumei! (check out her amazing work on her tumblr I got the chance to conversate and hugged Yuumei before she lost her voice the next day, I almost walked off without paying a signed poster by Jeff Thomas (, good thing I remembered 1 minute after walking away, and I was very fortunate to be sitting right next to talented artists Gisu (, and Nathan Ng (, and I hugged the air dancing balloon man that we normally see in front of car shops (bottom photo). Many things sold out at my shop, that I had to make more jewelry and buttons every night at our hotel. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to venture the convention and meet other wonderful artists (So sorry you guys!). I will try harder to be a little more prepared with more helpers and items in my shop so I can support other artists from now on. Thank you for everyone who stop by! It was very fun and awesome!

Oh yeah you guys, the game I’ve been working on with Kinyoobi, Eternal Dragon demo is available for free online! Play it and check out the art that my sister, our friends from Kinyoobi team and I made. It is unique and awesome~!


My first very small painting and a jewelry at that! Made with acrylic paint and special formulated nail polish and metallic paint complete with glass and silver snake chain. The pictures just don’t capture the shear beauty of these paintings on necklace.

You can buy the very exact one pictured on here or a very similar replicate on

The blue and red color background makes a wonderful Fionna and Cake necklace. I might make a Finn and Jake necklace very soon.

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